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ArtSerpong Gallery is a dedicated public gallery established in 27 March 2011 , formerly named as AROES Art Gallery. It is located at The Breeze, BSD City and Foresta Business Loft (FBL) BSD City, Indonesia.

The ArtSerpong Gallery’s purpose is to accomplish the founders motivation to share and create, to build the local art scene together with the art communities and art lovers, also to create a space for Indonesian artists to develop their arts through The Breeze Art Space.

Therefore, ArtSerpong Gallery manage an Art Space named Breeze Art Space, which located at BSD Green Office Park, BSD City. The Art Space presents a rich and varied program of quality exhibitions, educational activities and special events, which make a significant contribution to the cultural life. We aim to be a place of experience and inspiration, through our collection, exhibitions, and events. 

Our recent exhibition at The Breeze Art Space named “Art-tivities Now” is in last February 2017, which showed 73 artwork paintings of Indonesian artists from 10 Regions. The exhibition program covers the visual arts, sculpture and installation of contemporary themes and subjects. The Exhibitions is accompanied by a program of Art Talks from two Indonesian painters; Mr. Heri Dono and Mr. Tisna Sanjaya, They gave informal lectures for general visitors and arts professionals about art, brainstorming and networking.

The highlighted list of prominent Indonesian contemporary artist who have take part in our exhibitions are namely; Heri Dono, Putu Sutawijaya, Tisna Sanjaya, Jeihan Sukmantoro, Nasirun, Gatot Indrajati, Anggar Prasetyo, Tommy Wondra, Justian Javin, Nyoman Darya, Made Djirna, Made Sumadiyasa, Ketut Sugantika, Agapetus, Putu Adi Gunawan, and many other young emerging Indonesian talents.