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ArtSerpong Gallery manage an Art Space named Breeze Art Space, which located at BSD Green Office Park, BSD City. The Art Space presents a rich and varied program of quality exhibitions, educational activities and special events, which make a significant contribution to the cultural life. We aim to be a place of experience and inspiration, through our collection, exhibitions, and events. 

gallery/(paid october(jungle symphony-aoc-160x200cm-2018
gallery/(paid maret) -sailing on faith-aoc-150x200cm-2018
gallery/(paid agustus) vacation-150x200cm-aoc-deckileosfirmansah-2018

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Foresta Business Loft 3 No: 28

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Foresta Business Loft 3 No: 28

BSD City

Tangerang, Banten


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021-29672946 , 021-29672949 (fax)

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